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At the start of an assignment, we negotiate a guarantee of up to six months depending on the role. For permanent appointments you can waive the guarantee for a lower fee.

The guarantee begins from the start date of the original appointee and ceases when that or subsequent appointees have cumulatively occupied the role for the guarantee period.

If an appointee is unsatisfactory or resigns in the guarantee period, we make every effort to find a suitable replacement for no extra fee, provided you've paid your accounts on time.


A candidate referred to you verbally or in writing is our candidate for one year from the date of referral.

If, under any circumstance, you or your associated organisation appoints or reappoints a referred candidate during this period, you tell us immediately and pay our fee on our terms.

If you refer a candidate to anyone else who hires them, you pay our fee (unless the candidate's new employer pays it).

We accept no responsibility for candidate acts, errors or omissions whether wilful, negligent or otherwise.

When you interview or employ a candidate referred by us, you accept our terms and conditions.

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